The Rescues

Ray – Meet Ray the blind cow! Ray comes from a local dairy farm and when he was born without any eyes they felt sorry for him and kept him around. Unfortunately their dairy farm is closing and his fate seemed like it was not going to end well but lucky for him now he gets to live with us! Our first cow!! We love him!

Meryl – Meet Meryl the Morgan! Meryl was found on the side of the road in a ditch by Dr Chelsea VanAssche of Huron Veterinary Clinic on 23 near Rogers City south of their clinic!! No one claimed her after trying to find her home. It turns out she was purchased from a sale in Kentucky and broke out 2 days after she arrived in Michigan somewhere in Onaway and had been wandering around for 2 weeks. Whoever the owners were said they didn’t want her back. Meryl was well behaved with Dr VanAssche and a nice lady offered to take her but when she got Meryl home she went nuts trying to get to a filly also at the farm breaking through fences and knocking people down. Turns out she was bagged up and likely was separated from her baby at the sale and she has been frantic trying to find her baby. Unfortunately she was unable to stay at this farm due to her being crazy for this filly. Dr VanAssche called us to see if we could help and we said yes! Welcome home Meryl! She is broke to drive and ride and I think with some special TLC she will be a very sweet horse. Meryl is also blind in her right eye. She’s had a rough time the last couple months so gentle rehab is what she will get. 

Big John – One of our very first rescues in summer of 2017!  John is somewhere around 18 years old and is a Belgian Draft Horse gelding.  John came with his buddy Alice from the Louisiana Bastrop Kill Pen.  He belonged to an Amish community and was too old to work anymore and was sold at auction.  He is the sweetest, most gentle soul in the world.  He loves massages and treats.  He had struggled with a hoof abscess a few months after we got him, but seems to be doing much better.  His hooves are in horrible condition and we have him on a special hoof supplement.

Alice – The very first horse we rescued in the summer of 2017  Alice is around 16 years old and is a Belgian Draft Horse mare.  Alice came with Big John from the Louisiana Bastrop Kill Pen.  She belonged to an Amish community and was too old to work anymore and was sold at auction.  She is a little more reserved than Big John, but once you win her over she is in your pocket all the time.  She has a very celebrity, elegant look about her:  our blond beauty.

Ellie Mae – Ellie Mae is a 17 year old beautiful registered palomino mare with a silver mane and tail. Her registered name is Peppy Smarty Cat. A very nice lady had sold this pet horse since she was no longer able to care for her and thought she was going to a good home and then saw her on the kill pen site.  She was understandably distraught and with the aid of another rescue organization raised money to bail her out, but she still needed a place to live.  Ellie Mae came up with Alice and Big John from Louisiana in summer of 2017.  Her previous owner checks in frequently for pictures.  Ellie Mae is quiet and it takes a while to earn her trust, but loves a good brushing and lots of treats.

Henrietta – Henrietta was rescued from a Tractor Supply trough of baby chicks in August 2017. She was being pecked to death and wasn’t able to walk correctly.  A very nice couple took her home to save her and since they lived in town weren’t able to provide a life for her as she grew.  We took her in a few weeks later when she was stronger and she integrated with our chicks very well.  Because she was raised in a house with a family for the first few weeks of her life, she loves humans and being held and cuddled.

Jack and Earring – Jack and Earring came from a farm on the west side of Michigan.  They are both miniature Mediterranean donkeys.  We rescued these sweet babies in January 2018 when we saw an ad on Facebook.  Their owner was on hospice with bone cancer and they were looking for a new home.  They are the sweetest donkeys on the planet and love kids.  Both are very stubborn living up to their breed’s reputation, but their puppy dog eyes make up for it!  Earring is very much like Eeyore and mopes around.  They both love peppermint candy canes and LOTS of attention.

Tiger Lily – Tiger Lily is a beautiful bald faced grulla quarter horse mare.  We think she is around 13 years old.  We rescued her from the Lousiana kill pen in Fall 2017.  In her kill pen pictures she looked so scared and she came to us with the tightest pursed lips and constant look of fear in her eyes.  With gentle round pen work and lots of love and attention she is a totally different horse.  She follows us around like a puppy dog and is the peace keeper in the herd.

Sampson – Sampson is a huge black Percheron gelding standing at 18.2 hands.  We think he is around 10 years old. We rescued him from the Louisiana kill pen in the fall of 2017.  He is a gentle soul and has soft eyes.  You can feel the ground shake when Sampson comes running!  His best buddy is Doc.

Doc – Doc is a standardbred/percheron cross who was rescued from the Louisiana kill pen in fall 2017.  We think he is around 17 years old. He is best buddies with Sampson.  He is very tall and handsome.  Doc is a little shy at first, but is a lover once he warms up to you.  In his kill pen video the rider was able to crawl under him and through his legs.  Doc is a very gentle soul.  He has been broke to drive and we look forward to seeing what he knows.

Teala – Teala is a 17 year old dainty registered palomino quarter horse who we rescued from the Louisiana kill pen in the fall of 2017.  When we got her we were told she wasn’t able to be with any other horses as she was mean.  She has not shown us a mean bone at all.  She is actually the bottom of the pecking order in her paddock and is the quiet one.  She was said to be a 4-H horse and we look forward to seeing what she has to offer as the weather warms up.

French FryFrench Fry is a palomino quarter horse mare and was rescued from the Louisiana kill pen with her brother, Willie, fall 2017. We think she is about 13 years old. She tends to be the boss of the bunch in her paddock, but is still gentle and loving with her humans.  Her favorite things include peppermint treats and getting brushed.

Willie – Willie is a palomino quarter horse gelding and was rescued from the Louisiana kill pen with his sister, French Fry, fall 2017.  We think he is around 11 years old. Willie has a club foot, but moves so smooth you wouldn’t know it unless you look closely.  Willie has been adopted by Rebecca Siegel, but still lives on our farm and gets lots of love.

Karma – Karma is a tall Percheron/Paint cross mare we rescued in fall 2017 from the Louisiana kill pen.  We think she is around 5 years old. She is curious and smart.  Karma isn’t broke to ride yet, but will be started when the weather warms up.  You can find her spending her days with her best buddy, Pippi.

Pippi – Pippi is a beautiful red roan quarter horse mare rescued in the fall of 2017 from the Louisiana kill pen.  She is 12 years old. She lives up to the fiery red headed stereotype and has lots of attitude.  She is very head shy and not a big fan of men so we suspect some abuse in her history.  She loves getting a massage and will show you exactly where she wants to be rubbed.

Delilah – Delilah is a dainty grulla paint mare we rescued from the Texas kill pen winter 2017.  She was lame, dirty, and very skinny in her kill pen video and stole Jess’ heart the minute she laid eyes on her.  We think she is around 13 years old. Her hoof was one giant abscess with thrush thrown into the mix.  Her frog is almost completely gone.  It will be about a year before the diseased hoof is grown completely out.  She had about 2 weeks of daily soaks and another 6 weeks of thrush treatment after that and is walking much better.  Our daughter, Brynn, and Delilah have developed a very special bond and she waits in the paddock at night for Brynn to bring her in.

Adeline – Addy is an appaloosa mare who we rescued in the fall 2017 from the Louisiana kill pen. The woman at the quarantine service we had been using said she reminded her of a childhood horse and we offered to let them keep her.  We only want these horses to be loved and go to a good home and we thought that is what they were offering.  Little did we know she was being starved and all of a sudden was delivered to us with another load of horses in January 2018 skinnier and fearful.  She is already doing much better and happily has plenty to eat.  This was a hard lesson for us to learn, but we will be much more careful about who we trust to care for our rescue horses.

Jeeves – Jeeves is a 21 year old Belgian draft cross gelding that was rescued in winter 2017 from the kill pen in Texas.  He is standoffish until you win him over with love and treats.  He’s not a huge fan of being touched, but does like human company.  He is the most senior of our herd and will enjoy the rest of his days grazing and relaxing on our farm.

Brownie – Brownie was rescued from the Louisiana kill pen and arrived in February 2018.   Brownie is a beautiful Irish draft mare who is also pregnant.  Our daughter, Brynn, named her and wants to call her foal Chocolate Chip.  We have no idea how far along she is.  Hard to imagine who send a pregnant mare to the kill pen.  She is being quarantined in a separate part of the farm in her own paddock for at least 6 weeks.

Cash – Cash is a  20yo stallion rescued from the Louisiana kill pen. We assisted with this rescue as he belongs to our son’s girlfriend, Rachel.  He does live at our sanctuary, however.  Lucky girl! He’s a beauty!

Marty – Marty is a gorgeous silver grulla quarter horse gelding. We think he is around 9 years old. He got his name since he has stripes on his legs like the zebra named Marty in the kid’s movie Madagascar.  We rescued him from the Louisiana kill pen in Fall 2017.  He was likely sent to the kill pen due to his lameness on the front left.  We saw his limp in his kill pen video and immediately saved him since we knew most likely he would be shipped.  When he arrived at the farm he had a horrible case of thrush in his hoof that took almost 6 weeks to clear up.  He was still limping so we had X-rays taken that didn’t show any fractures.  He doesn’t appear to be in pain at this time.  Our plan is to take him down to Saginaw for more images when the roads are better and the weather is warmer.  I suspect a navicular issue.  Marty likely will never be able to be ridden and will spend the rest of his life happily grazing on our pasture.

Benji – Benji is a miniature horse gelding who came to us in December 2017 from the kill pen in Texas.  His kill pen listing stated he was a mare hence his pink winter blanket.  Benji was a Christmas present for our 3 year old son.  Benji has been very fearful and has taken a month for us to be able to feed him treats and gently pet him.  He is slowly warming up to us.  He is happy spending his days with his other mini horse buddy, Lil Junior.

Ali – Ali was a beautiful black Percheron gelding rescued in December 2017 from the kill pen in Louisiana.  He arrived at our farm a month later and when we opened the transport trailer door he was bleeding, dehydrated, starved, and couldn’t stand up.  The month that he had been with our “trusted” quarantine and transport service he had been starved.  We tried for 24 hours to revive him and get him standing, but in the end he had been down for too long and we ended his suffering with the help of our vet and animal control officer.  The short 24 hours that he was with us he was loved, massaged, and was told what a strong, sweet boy he was.  We were heartbroken to lose him and we are still in the process of pressing criminal animal cruelty charges against the couple that did this to him.  We are comforted to know he is no longer in pain and is no longer suffering.

Spartan – Spartan was a buckskin paint  colt rescued in December 2017 from a kill pen in Louisiana. He arrived at our farm a month later and when we opened the transport trailer door he was dehydrated, starved, beaten up by another horse, and couldn’t stand up.  The month that he had been with our “trusted” quarantine and transport service he had been starved.  Spartan was so weak we had to drag him on a tarp from the transport trailer to our barn.  We finally got him standing with the help of many friends and a sling after 10hours of hard work.  Over the next month it was very touch and go as he was unable to stand without the help of the sling, had a corneal ulcer, elevated liver enzymes, had fevers on and off (worries of shipping fever were on our mind), and saw our vet at least twice a week.  He made it through the strict 3 weeks of refeeding protocol with us checking on him every 4 hours, sometimes even more frequently and Jason spending some nights in the barn with him.  As he slowly got a little stronger we would take him for short 5 minute walks outside and he seemed to have a mischievous gleam in his eye.  He was strong enough to go without the sling for a few days, but one night decided he was done fighting and laid down for the final time and never got back up.  He passed away knowing we fought for him even though we were told he likely wouldn’t make it.  Spartan knew he was loved by us and we are still pursuing criminal animal cruelty charges against the quarantine and transport service that did this to him.  He deserved so much better in his short life and we are committed to fighting so this doesn’t happen to other horses and families.